Baroque Music for War and Peace in Europe during XVII Century, Jordi Savall

Baroque Music for War and Peace in Europe during XVII Century

From the start of 30 Years War (1613) to the Peace of Utrecht (1713)

Performers: Jordi Savall, Hesperion XXI, Capella Reial Catalunya,

Concert des Nations, Mezzo

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Polish & Hungarian Lute Music of the Renaissance (ca.1507-1619)

Polish and Hungarian Lute music of the Renaissance (ca. 1507-1619)

Performer: Konrad Ragossnig, Renaissance lute

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Middle ages and Renaissance music / Keyboard Instruments (XIV-XVII cc.)

Performers: Guy Penson (harpsichord, pianoforte, tangent piano) and Patrick Denecker (recorders, Renaissance reeds)

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Luys de Narvaez, Los seys libros del delphín 

Los seys libros del delphín by Luys de Narvaez (fl.1526-1549)

Performer: Hopkinson Smith, vihuela de mano.

Luys de Narvaez is known for Los seys libros del delphín, a collection of polyphonic music for the vihuela which includes the earliest known variation sets. He is also notable for being the earliest composer for vihuela to adapt the contemporary Italian style of lute music (from Wikipedia)

Early Italian Recorder Music

Performers: Flanders Recorder Quartet

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A. Vivaldi: «La Stravaganza» 12 Violin Concertos Op.4

12 Concerti Consacrati a Sua Eccellenza il Sig. Vettor Delfino Nobile Veneto
Amsterdam, 1716

Performers: L’Arte Dell’Arco
Federico Guglielmo [solo violin, concertmaster]
Rossella Croce [violin I]
Mauro Massa [violin II]
Enrico Balboni [viola]
Jorge Alberto Guerrero [cello]
Mauro Zavagno [violone/double bass]
Roberto Loreggian [harpsichord/chamber organ]
Diego Cantalupi [theorbo/baroque guitar]

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A. Scarlatti, Concerto for recorder in A minor

Alessandro Scarlatti, Concerto for recorder in A minor


Recorder – Colin Jardine

Members of Concerto Berlin – EFAM

From a concert in 1997, Berlin – Kreuzberg

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