Jordi Savall, Luces y Sombras del Siglo de Oro


LUCES Y SOMBRAS DEL SIGLO DE ORO en tiempos de Carlos V y Felipe II (1516 – 1598)
“Festival Tibor Varga” de Sion (Suiza), 1998. MEZZO TV

Performers: La Capella Reial de Catalunya – Hespérion XX – Director: Jordi Savall

La Capella Reial de Catalunya 
– Montserrat Figueras, Maite Arruabarrena, Elisabetta Tiso (Sopranos)
– Carlos Mena, Paolo Costa (Contratenores)
– Lluís Vilamajó, Francesc Garrigosa (Tenores)
– Daniele Carnovich (Bajo)

Hespérion XX
– Jordi Savall, Sergi Casademunt, Sophie Watillon (Violas de gamba)
– Lorenz Dufschmid (Violón)
– Jean-Pierre Canihac (Cornetto)
– Béatrice Delpierre (Chirimía)
– Daniel Lasalle (Sacabuche)
– Josep Borràs (Bajón)
– Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Edin Karamazov (Vihuelas y Tiorbas)
– Pedro Estevan (Percusión)

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Teatro Manoel performs Bach, Vivaldi, and more

Le Concerto Köln: Bach, Vivaldi, and more

Performers: Teatro Manoel

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Johann Sebastian Bach, Toccata & Fugue in Dm, by Sinfonity

Johann Sebastian Bach, Toccata & Fugue in Dm, BWV 565

Live recorded in Segovia (Spain), Aug 2014 . Video produced by NURILANDS FILMS, directed by Núria García.

Performers: Sinfonity


Correspondances & Sébastien Daucé

Le Concert royal de la nuit

Performers: Correspondances

Director: Sebastien Daucé

Ensemble Correspondances, led by Sébastien Daucé, perform the famous ‘Concert royal de la nuit’, as danced by His Majesty Louis XIV on the 23th of February 1653. Daucé made a musical reconstruction of the dance, divided into four parts and with a libretto by Isaac de Benserade.

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la REVERDIE: DE STELLA NOVA Il cosmo di sogno del Medioevo


TRENTO MUSICANTICA 2010, Castello del Buonconsiglio 30 settembre 2010

Performers: La Reverdie

Claudia Caffagni – voce, liuto

Livia Caffagni – voce, flauti, viella

Elisabetta De Mircovich – voce, viella, symphonia

Doron David Sherwin – voce, cornetto muto, percussioni

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Medieval Music (1000-1450)

Festive Sounds:
Trotto (Italy, 14th century)/ Alle, psallite – Alleluyan (France, 13th century)/ Angelus ad Virginem (France, 13th century)/ The Boys Carol (England, 14th century) – Musica Antiqua (0:00)
Lauda and Motet: Venite a Laudare (Italy, 13th Century)/ Factum est – Dominus (Italy 13th Century) – Musica Antiqua (7:22)
Trouvere Tunes: Rondeau: Dieux D’Amors (France, 12th or 13th century)/Viralei – E Dame Jolie (France, 13th Century) – Musica Antiqua (10:28)
Minstrel Melodies: Ache Reine Zart (Germany, 15th century)/ Das Jagerhorn (Germany, 15th century) / Minnelied “The Virtues of King Rudolph” (Germany, 13th century)- Musica Antiqua (13:21)
Tempus est iocundum (Germany, 12th century)- Artefactum, Jose Manuel Vaquero Ruiz, Vicente Gavira (16:20)
Gratulemur christicole (Italy, 15th century) – Ars Italica (20:10)
Viralei: Dame Jolie (France, 13th Century) (25:12)
Douce Dame Jolie (France, 14th century)- Annwn (28:56)
Lamento di Tristano: La Rotta (Italy, 14th century)- Unicorn Ensemble (32:56)
Sackpipslät (Sweden, 11th century) – Azam Ali (34:39)
Notable Composers: Guillaum de Machaut (1300-1377), Johannes Brassart (1400-1455)

Philippe Jaroussky & Marie-Nicole Lemieux – Son nata a lagrimar

Händel, Son nata a lagrimar (Giulio Cesare)

Performers: Philippe Jaroussky and Marie-Nicole Lemieux

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