Mexican Baroque – Music from New Spain

Mexican Baroque – Music from New Spain

Performers: Chanticleer

1. Jerúsalem : Responsorio Segundo de S S José. Ignacio de Jerusalem.
Dixit Dominus, for 2 trebles, 2 violins & continuo. Ignacio Jerusalem
2. Dixit Dominus: Dixit Dominus Domino meo
3. Dixit Dominus: Virgam virtutis tuae
4. Dixit Dominus: Judicabit in nationibus
5. Dixit Dominus: De torrente in via bibet
6. Dixit Dominus: Gloria Patri, et Filio
7. Dixit Dominus: Amen
8. Sol-fa de Pedro. Manuel de Sumaya
Mass in D minor. Manuel de Sumaya
9. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Kyrie
10. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Gloria in excelsis Deo
11. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Gloria agimus tibi
12. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Qui tollis peccata mundi
13. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Quoniam tu solus
14. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Cum Sancto Spirtu
15. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Amen
16. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Credo in unum Deum
17. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Et incarnatus est
18. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Crucifixus etiam pro nobis
19. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Et resurrexit tertia die
20. (Polychoral) Mass in D major: Sanctus
21. Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes. Manuel de Sumaya
22. Celebren, publiquen. Manuel de Sumaya.


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