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DAGAMBA, Storm (Vivaldi Rocks)

Storm, Vivaldi Rocks

Performers: Dagamba

Cello – Valters Pūce, Antons Trocjuks

Fortepiano – Dainis Tenis

Drums – Hamidreza Rahbaralam

Percussions – Arturs Jermaks



A. Vivaldi: «La Stravaganza» 12 Violin Concertos Op.4

12 Concerti Consacrati a Sua Eccellenza il Sig. Vettor Delfino Nobile Veneto
Amsterdam, 1716

Performers: L’Arte Dell’Arco
Federico Guglielmo [solo violin, concertmaster]
Rossella Croce [violin I]
Mauro Massa [violin II]
Enrico Balboni [viola]
Jorge Alberto Guerrero [cello]
Mauro Zavagno [violone/double bass]
Roberto Loreggian [harpsichord/chamber organ]
Diego Cantalupi [theorbo/baroque guitar]

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Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for oboe, bassoon, strings and basso continuo in G major (RV 545)

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for oboe, bassoon, strings and basso continuo in G major (RV 545)

I. Andante molto – 0:05
II. Largo – 3:31
III. Allegro molto – 5:06

Performers: Marcel Ponseele (baroque oboe)
Il Gardellino

Eufoda 1371 – DDD

Antonio Vivaldi Double Concertos, I Musici

Antonio Vivaldi, “Double Concertos”

Recorded: 1960-1972
Performers: I Musici

Felix Ayo, Roberto Michelucci, Violin
Severino Gazzelloni, Giovanni Gatti, Flutes
Gino del Vescovo, Tommaso Ruta, Mandolins
Leo Driehuys, Ad Mater, Oboes
Mario Centurione, Francesco Strano, Violoncellos
Henry Adelbrecht, Jean-Pierre Mathez, Trumpets
Maria Teresa Garatti, Harpsichord, Organ

1. Double Violin Concerto in A minor, RV 523 0:00
2. Double Flute Concerto, in C major, RV 533 13:06
3. Double Mandolin Concerto in G major, RV 532 21:55
4. Double Oboe Concerto in D minor, RV 535 34:04
5. Double Cello Concerto in G minor, RV 531 44:29
6. Double Trumpet Concerto in C major, RV 537 55:33

A. Vivaldi: Mandolin and Lute Concertos [L’Arte dell’Arco – F.Guglielmo]

Antonio Vivaldi, Concertos for Plucked Instruments

Concertos for Plucked Instruments:
1. Concerto for 2 Mandolins, Strings and B.C. in G major RV 532 [Allegro-Andante-Allegro] 0:15
2. Concerto for Mandolin, Strings and B.C. in C major RV 425 [Allegro-Largo-(Allegro)] 11:47
3. Sonata for Violin, Lute and Basso in G minor RV 85 [Andante molto-Larghetto-Allegro] 19:41
4. Concerto for 2 Violins, Lute and B.C. in D major RV 93 [(Allegro)-Largo-Allegro] 28:20
5. Sonata for Violin, Lute and Basso in C major RV 82 [Allegro=Larghetto-Allegro] 37:58
6. Concerto for Viola d’Amore, Lute, Strings and B.C. in D minor RV 540 [Allegro-Largo-Allegro] 46:58
7. Concerto for Harpsichord, Strings and B. C. in A major RV 780 [Allegro-Andante-Allegro] 58:35

Performers: L’Arte dell’Arco
Federico Guglielmo [violin I/concert master]
Mauro Squillante [mandolin RV 532/II, RV 425]
Davide Rebuffa [mandolin RV 532/I]
Diego Cantalupi [archlute RV 85/93/82]
Pietro Prosser [baroque lute RV 540]
Mario Paladin [viola d’amore RV 540]
Nicola Reniero [harpsichord RV 425]
Carlo Lazari, Elisa Imbalzano [violin II]
Mario Paladin, Pasquale Lepore [viola]
Francesco Montaruli [cello]
Massimiliano Mauthe von Degerfeld [violone]
Cristiano Contadin [bass violin]
Nicola Reniero [harpsichord]


I Solisti Veneti, Mandolin Concerti (by Antonio Vivaldi)


-Concierto para dos mandolinas en Sol Mayor, RV 532

-Mandolina Concierto en Do mayor, RV 425

-Concierto para 2 flautas, 2 Salmoe, 2 violines, mandolinas, 2 tiorbas 2 y violonchelo en Do mayor, RV 558

-Mandolina Concierto en re mayor, RV 93

Performers: I Solisti Veneti (Ugo Orlandi, Dorina Frati, Claudio Scimone)



Harp Concerto in D Major (Antonio Vivaldi)

Antonio Vivaldi, Harp Concerto in D Major

Performers: Youth Orchestra of Bucks County

Heather Hills, Harpist
November 20, 2010

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