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Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Sabbato Sancto – Lectio III

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, “Sabbato Sancto: Lectio III”

PerformersPro Cantione Antiqua


Polyphonic chants, Ensemble Organum

Performers: Ensemble Organum, 2003

Graindelavoix: Broederschappen en devotie / Fraternities and devotion

Program: “Broederschappen en devotie”, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Wolffinarium), 03 April 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Broadcasted by MAX, NPO (broadcasting company from the Netherlands) in the program Avondconcert live 03 April 2016
Presented by Wouter Pleijsier


Voices: Razek François Bitar, Albert Riera, Marius Peterson, Arnout Malfliet, Björn Schmelzer (conductor)

00:00:56 Introitus Os Justi Gregoriaans
00:04:08 Pierre de la Rue (ca. 1452-1518) Kyrie uit de Missa de Sancto Antonio

00:08:20 Alleluia Multiplicabitur que derelicta fuerat Gregoriaans
00:12:19 Jean Mouton (ca. 1459-1522) Celeste beneficium

00:16:58 Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450-1521) O admirabile commercium
00:18:13 Josquin des Prez Quando natus est

00:26:42 Pange Lingua Gregoriaans
00:29:35 Josquin des Prez Sanctus from the Missa Pange Lingua
00:38:26 Loyset Compère (ca. 1445-1518) O salutaris hostia

00:44:42 Loyset Compère Officium de Cruce

01:07:49 Johannes Ockeghem (ca. 1410-1497) Alma Redemptoris mater
01:13:50 Jacob Obrecht (1457/58-1505) Salve Regina
01:26:40 Kleine berceuse

01:28:25 Interview with the conductor Björn Schmelzer

“Puce moj”, by Ensemble Dialogos

“Puce moj”, Croatian medieval “Popule meus”

Performers: ENSEMBLE DIALOGOS, Direction : Katarina Livljanić

Voix :
Gro Siri Ognoy Johansen (Soloist)
Sandrah Silvio (Soloist)
Christine Laveder
Katarina Livljanić
Aino Lund Lavoipierre
Lucia Nigohossian
Cornelia Schmid

Le chant des templiers / Chants of The Knights Templar (by Ensemble Organum)

Le chant des templiers // The Chants of The Knights Templars

1.Le Mystère des Templiers- intro then;track 16;”Antiphona: Crucem sanctam
Anonymous, Manuscript of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in the 12th century”

2.Le chant des templiers(album) :(tracks:)
1.Crucem Sanctam (Antiphona)

2. Benedicat Nos Deus – Responsorium

3. Honor Virtus et Potestas – Responsorium
Ensemble Organum

4. Te Deum Patrem Ingenitum – Antiphona ad Magnificat

5. Media Vita in Morte Sumus (Responsorium)

6. Kyrie Eleison

7. Da Pacem Domine – Antiphona

8. Salve Regina (Antiphona

Performed by:  Ensemble Organum (direction Marcel Pérès)

Ensemble Organum is a group performing early music, co-founded in 1982 by Marcel Pérès and is based in France. Its members have changed, but have included at one time or another, Josep Cabré, Josep Benet, Gérard Lesne, Antoine Sicot, Malcolm Bothwell. They have often collaborated with Lycourgos Angelopoulos and are influenced by Orthodox music.[1] [2]

The group mainly focuses on the performance of music from the Middle Ages, including BeneventanOld RomanGallicanCarolingian and Mozarabic chants. However, the repertoire includes renaissance polyphony as well as more recent works.

The ensemble was formerly based at Sénanque Abbey and Royaumont Abbey. Since 2001 it has shared facilities in the precinct of Moissac Abbey with the Centre itinérant de recherche sur les musiques anciennes (Centre for Itinerant Research of Medieval and Early Music). In addition to musical performance, the ensemble also works with musicologists and historians on musical research from this period.

Kyrie Eleison (performed by Ensemble Organum)

“Kyrie Eleison”

Interpretation by Ensemble Organum (direction Marcel Pérès),

From album “le Chant des Templiers”

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Chant & Polyphony from Medieval England

1 Processional Hymn: O gloriosa domina        2:00
2 Hymn: [Pe] milde lomb isprad o rode           8:10
3 Conductus: Ave Maria gracia plena                2:07
4 Conductus: O Maria stella maris                     3:23
5 Sequence: Stabat iuxta Christi crucem          5:29
6 Sequence: Stillat in stellam radium               3:53
7 Sequence: Salve virgo singularis                     3:17
8 Sequence: Stond wel, moder, under roode   8:51
9 Sequence: O Maria virgo pia                              2:59
10 Hymn: In te concipitur                                     4:01
11 Sequence: Jesu Cristes milde moder             8:20
12 Motet: Veni mater gracie/Dou way, Robin  2:37
13 Motet: O mors moreris/O vita vera/Mors    2:02
14 Conductus: Salve virgo tonantis solium      1:21
15 Sequence: Miserere miseris                             1:12
16 Conductus: Ave Maria salus hominum        2:30
17 Conductus: Memor esto tuorum                    2:00
18 Antiphon: Ave regina celorum                        1:31

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