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Diego Ortiz, Recercadas del Tratado de Glosas (1533), Jordi Savall

Diego Ortiz, Recercadas del Tratado de Glosas (1533)

1:Tres Recercadas sobre tenores 0:00~
2:Cuatro Recercadas sobre el madrigal ‘O felici Occhi miei’ de J. ARCADELT 4:38
3:Dos Recercadas para viola de gamba sola 11:30~
4:Seis Recercadas sobre el canto llano ‘La Spagna’ 14:41~
5:Cuatro Recercadas sobre la canción ‘Doulce Memoire’ de P. SANDRI 24:26~
6:Recercadas ⅢyⅣpara viola de gamba sola 33:54~
7:Seis Recercadas sobre tenores 36:45~

Performers: Jordi Savall (gamba), Genoveva Galvez (cem,org)



Claudio Monteverdi, L’Orfeo toccata

“L’Orfeo” by Claudio Monteverdi.

Concert took place in the Grand Teatre del Lice, Barcelona

Performers: Conducted by Jordi Savall

La Capella Reial de Catalunya


Marc Antoine Charpentier: Messe Et Motets Pour La Vierge

Marc Antoine Charpentier: Messe Et Motets Pour La Vierge h400 h15 h83 h11A,

Live 2007 Versailles.

0:01:30 Canticum in honorem Beate Virginis Mariae.
0:18:00 Stabat Mater pur des religieuses.
0:34:10 Litanies de la Vierge à 6 voix et 2 dessus de violes.
0:51:45 Missa assumpta est Maria
Performers: Jordi Savall
Le Concert des Nations

Jordi Savall, album Mare Nostrum, “El Cant dels Aucells”

Performer: Jordi Savall

 Album Mare Nostrum “El Cant dels Aucells”

‘Mare Nostrum’ (Latin for “Our Sea”) was a Roman name for the Mediterranean Sea, an area that may be regarded as the greatest place of exchange and dialogue in the history of human kind. Of course, music is no exception. In this new lavishly illustrated CD book, Jordi Savall invites us to explore the myth of the Mediterranean Sea as mother of people and cultures, from Morocco to Israel, from Spain to Lebanon. The antique Greek illustration on the front cover underlines how far-reaching – in space and time – this project is. (from cited from here)

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